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Oracle File Patent Infringement Against Google’s Android, and Jonathan Schwartz Joins Taleo

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, TweetDeck for Android released and Google announce Voice Actions for Android 2.2.

Oracle File Patent and Copyright Infringement Against Android

Oracle have filed a patent and copyright infringement lawsuit against Google, claiming that Android infringes on its patented Java technology. Oracle acquired Java and the related technology when it bought Sun Microsystems in January.

Oracle are now seeking an injunction to prevent Google from further building and distributing Android, in addition to higher monetary damages for the patent infringement.

The complaint was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Jonathan Schwartz Joins Talent Management Company Taleo

Former President and CEO of Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwartz has joined Taleo Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Taleo specialises in on-demand talent management solutions including a cloud-based talent management platform, in an attempt to provide up-to-date insights into employees and candidates. Also joining Taleo is Jim Tolonen, former Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer at Business Objects.

TweetDeck Comes to Android

A beta of TweetDeck for Android is out now.

TweetDeck connects users with contacts across Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and can gives them the ability to customise their Twitter experience with columns, groups, saved searches and automatic updates.

Those wishing to participate in the Android TweetDeck Beta Preview can sign up now. Please note that a TweetDeck account is required.

Bug Fixes for Apache Jackrabbit 2.1.1

Apache Jackrabbit 2.1.1 is out now.

Apache Jackrabbit is an implementation of the Content Repository for Java Technology API, version 2.0. This is a bug fix release, which addresses issues that occurred when saving concurrent sessions executing random operations and problems with encoding XML characters.

This release is compatible with the earlier 2.1.0 release. It can be downloaded now.

Apache CouchDB 0.11.2 Protects Against DOS Attacks

Apache CouchDB 0.11.2 is now available.

Apache CouchDB is a document-oriented database for querying and indexing in a MapReduce fashion using JavaScript. Apache CouchDB can also be used for incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection and resolution, and provides a RESTful JSON API.

This release attempts to avoid potential DOS attacks by guarding all creation of atoms, and features fixes to the Futon and JavaScript libraries. There are also replicator bug fixes for replicating design documents from secured databases.

Google Voice Actions for Android 2.2

Google have announced Voice Actions for Android 2.2.

Users will tap the microphone button on the Google search box or press the physical search button, and then tell the device the action they wish it to perform, including send a text, make a call, send an email and record a note to self. However, this app is only available for devices running Android 2.2, and also requires the Voice Search application for Android and the Google Search widget.

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