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Oracle expands cloud offering with IaaS and Private Cloud

Elliot Bentley

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison used the OracleWorld keynote to announce new additions to their cloud platform.

A focus of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s opening keynote at OracleWorld this week was their continued focus on cloud computing services, including new IaaS and Private Cloud services.

Earlier this summer, Ellison unveiled Oracle Cloud, which was at the time was described by JAXenter as a “fairly run-of-the-mill announcement covered in gloss”. It was notable primarily as a turnaround from Ellison’s dismissal of cloud computing as “gibberish” at OpenWorld just four years ago.

Yesterday’s announcement is the addition of IaaS to Oracle Cloud, bringing it even further in line with “primary competitor” AWS. However, Ellison failed to go into details of when this new service will be available, or what it would cost.

“The infrastructure that we’re offering isn’t conventional,” he said. “It’s not plain old commodity infrastructure.”

Another service announced during the keynote was Oracle Private Cloud, described as “quite literally an extension of the Oracle Cloud”. Though details are equally thin on the ground, it seems that Oracle will install its own infrastructure on on-premises hardware, providing a small section of Oracle’s Public Cloud behind the company firewall for a monthly fee.

Sadly, these announcements did not come with a second chest-beating tweet from Ellison – presumably not any reflection of the CEO’s confidence in the company’s latest expansions.

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