Oracle Announce Live Webcast For Wednesday 27th


Following the EU’s unconditional approval of the Sun/Oracle merger, Oracle have announced a live webcast on Wednesday 9.00-2.00pm PT (5.00pm-10pmGMT.) A press release for the webcast says that the show will feature Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, along with other executives from Oracle and Sun, unveiling some of the software giant’s post-acquisition plans, including product roadmaps.

In the same statement, Oracle promised that the merger would have a positive effect on the IT industry, most especially in regards to IT management and integration costs, as all Oracle and Sun components, hardware, operating systems, databases, middleware and applications will now be engingeered to work together.

Certainly, there is much speculation about the route Oracle plans to take, with author of the books ‘J2EE Patterns,’ ‘J2EE HotSpots’ and ‘Enterprise Java Frameworks,’ Adam Bien blogged on Thursday that “hopefully the strategic plans / roadmap regarding Glassfish, NetBeans, OpenSolaris and hardware will be revealed soon.”

And the webcast seems set to do exactly that.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how this powerful combination will transform the IT industry.”

Interested parties can register now, at Oracle’s official website.


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