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Optimized Angular Apps: Smaller, Faster, Better

JAXenter Editorial Team

Maxim Salnikov’s International JavaScript Conference 2018 session about optimized Angular apps. In this performance-focused talk, he discusses how to help the framework build and the browser perform better with apps.

Angular apps are getting more performant with each new version of the framework – thanks to the huge number of internal optimizations. But the main responsibility for the eventual app performance is on developers. In this talk, Maxim Salnikov goes through the main points on ways to help the framework to build and the browser to perform our app better.


Maxim Salnikov is an Oslo-based Web UI Engineer, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular. He has been developing complex web applications since the end of the last century and has extensive experience with all aspects of web front-end: UX/UI prototyping, HTML/CSS/JS, main frameworks, and progressive web apps.

Maxim is a founder of and active contributor to two conferences: Mobile Era and ngVikings – Nordics’ main conferences for mobile and Angular developers respectively. Also, he leads Norway’s largest meetups dedicated to web frontend and mobile: Framsia, Angular Oslo, and Mobile Meetup Oslo.

Maxim is passionate about sharing his web frontend experience and knowledge with the community. He travels extensively for speaking and training at developer’s events, conferences, and meetups around the world.



  • The less bytes we download from the network, the faster we can start doing something meaningful.
  • Make overall bundle size smaller
  • Split bundle and download only what we need for the starting-up
  • Cache network responses for future usage
  • Use lazy loading
  • Consider server-side rendering
  • Using pure pipes
  • OnPush CD strategy
  • Custom CD strategy
  • Using trackBy
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