Opera Release Beta of 10.5 Browser


Opera have released version 10.5 beta of their web browser.

This version features a brand new JavaScript engine, Carakan, and a new search field that allows the user to access different search engines and Web-site searches, and displays with a new Aero Glass effect on Windows 7 and Vista. Aero Peek, Jump List support and a new menu bar, give Opera additional Windows 7 integration.

Version 10.5 beta’s native OS integration means that Opera Widgets can now move beyond the Web browser and onto the desktop, with multi-process architecture allowing each widget to run as a separate process. The address field has been updated to show matching results in your history, bookmarks and content on the pages previously visited, as you type in a query. Dialogue boxes, for example JavaScript alerts, are now displayed as a page overlay, allowing the user to switch tabs or windows without any interruption to the browsing process.

The beta release is now available to download from the Opera website.

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