Overhauled Address Field

Opera 11 Gets New Features Ahead of Beta Release

Jessica Thornsby

As they approach beta status, the Opera team add simplified address fields and mail enhancements.

In preparation for the upcoming beta of Opera 11, the team have released two new features and a number of mail enhancements. Firstly, the address field has been revamped, with a focus on making it less crowded. All web pages are now marked with a badge to the left of the address field, which replaces protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS, and clicking on this badge will reveal an overview of the potentially more complex security state of the web page. Parameters at the end of web addresses are hidden when the address field is not focused.

The browser also introduces a ‘visual guide to mouse gestures’ which can be accessed by a long press the right mouse button, and the mail panel has been switched from multiple scrollbars to one global scrollbar.


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