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OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.0 and OpenWGA 5.0 Are Released

Jessica Thornsby

OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.0 introduces code completion for TMLScrip, and OpenWGA 5.0 implements a new way of handling multi language sites.

OpenWGA have announced the release of OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1 and OpenWGA 5.1.

The OpenWGA Developer Studio packages an OpenWGA CMS server with development and deployment tools. OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1 introduces code completion for TMLScrip and improves the code completion of TML tags. Version 1.1 also introduces the ability to define headers for new created files global or per project. OpenWGA Developer Studio 1.1 supports OpenWGA 5.1. More information on the changes, is available at the release’s Tracker page.

OpenWGA is an open source CMS platform. In OpenWGA 5.1, the OpenWGA team have implemented a new way of handling multi language sites, and the synchronisation of a staging system with a production system now uses SQL transactions in an effort to avoid inconsistencies during the sync-process. Also new, is a system where large files are served by an external http server outside of OpenWGA, in an effort to prevent the connection and the J2EE thread from becoming blocked for a notable period of time.

OpenWGA 5.0 will continue to be maintained and supported for another three years.

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