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OpenSolaris Project is on Life Support.

Jessica Thornsby

Dennis Clarke of the OpenSolaris Governing Board, calls on the community to fork OpenSolaris.

Dennis Clarke, member of the OpenSolaris Governing Board (OSG), has posted at the OpenSolaris mailing list, stating “the OpenSolaris project is on life support. Or dead already.”

The 2010.03 version of OpenSolaris was due to be released in March, but has so far yet to surface. “ It is sad to watch people asking about some OpenSolaris release called 2010.03 when we are well into April now,” writes Clarke.

He is clearly displeased with how OpenSolaris is shaping up under Oracle. He reveals that, under Sun, it was a largely internal project, with 90% of contributions coming from within Sun. However, under Oracle he sees no contributions whatsoever, and his solution is simple: the community must fork OpenSolaris in order to protect it.

“If we need to hold a wake then fine. If we are waiting for a Lazarus effect then that is not so fine. People need to take actions that have merit and I am not one for sitting on my hands while people stand around looking for leadership,” he concludes.

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