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Open Group releases second edition of SOA Source Book


The Open Group has released the second edition of its SOA Source Book, a practical guide to help enterprise architects create service-oriented enterprise architectures based on industry best practices. 

The first edition, published in April 2009, was derived from SOA Work Group projects through 2008. The second edition will include results of the group’s work in 2009.

 The Open Group published two major SOA standards during 2009, the Service Integration Maturity Model and the SOA Governance Framework.

  “With the release of the second edition of our SOA Source Book, we hope to continue to serve as an open and accessible resource for enterprise architects to help their organizations generate business value from SOA,” said Dr. Chris Harding,forum director, SOA Work Group, The Open Group. 

 The second edition of the SOA Source Book is available in HTML format here:

 The Open Group’s SOA Work Group is dedicated to facilitating alignment between the business and information technology communities.  The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, which promotes open standards and global interoperability.


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