Open Beta of WebSphere Application Server Pack for OSGi and JPA


IBM are running an open beta of their WebSphere Application Server version 7 feature packs for OSGi applications and JPA.

The feature packs provide standards-based implementations of the OSGi Blueprint service specification, which standardises many of the simplicity and unit test benefits of the open source Spring Framework. This feature pack gives developers the option of assembling, deploying and managing applications as a collection of versioned OSGi bundles, by integrating the Apache Aries OSGi programming model into the WebSphere platform. With the Feature Pack for OSGi Applications and JPA 2.0, one or more bundle repositories may be configured as part of the provisioning infrastructure.

The feature pack’s OSGi support includes isolated enterprise applications composed of multiple, versioned bundles with dynamic lifecycle; module sharing between applications and module versioning within and between applications. It also ships with a bundle repository and has the ability to configure the location of external repositories to support application provisioning.

The WebSphere Application Server JPA implementation is based on the Apache OpenJPA open source Java persistence framework. The JPA 2.0 implementation delivered in the feature pack include programmatic control of database access optimisations, such as fetch groups, fetch plans, and access intents.

See the IBM website for more information.

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