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One More Week for JAX Innovation Awards 2011 Voting

Jessica Thornsby

The Community Voting will close 21st June 2011!

Have you voted in the JAX Innovation Awards 2011 yet? The Community Voting will close 21st June 2011, meaning you have just one more week to vote for your favourite individual, technology or organisation in the three categories. After an intense jury period, our panel of Java experts have narrowed all the nominations from the Java community into five finalists for each category. Those finalists are:

Most Innovative Java Technology – Akka, Clojure, Neo4j Graph Database, Gradle and JRebel.

Most Innovative Java Company – Atlassian, CloudBees, Red Hat, ZeroTurnaround and Tasktop Technologies.

Top Java Ambassador – Adam Bien, Martin Odersky, Mike Milinkovich, SouJava and The London Java Community.

Now it’s back to you, the community, to decide who wins! The winner of each category will be awarded $2,500, and be honoured with a special Award Ceremony, which will take place at JAX Conf, San Jose, 2011. There will also be a Special Jury Award, decided by our panel of experts.

Thank you to everyone who’s voted so far, and if you haven’t already submitted your vote, visit the JAX Innovation Awards website now, to make your voice heard!

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