Watch Taylor Krusen's International JavaScript Conference session

Building an OAuth Flow in a Node.js CLI

JAXenter Editorial Team

Sit back and watch this informative session from the International JavaScript Conference. By the end of the talk, you will have a better understanding of how to build an OAuth Flow in a Node.js CLI. This challenging task is made easier with the help of speaker Taylor Krusen, a Developer Evangelist for Dropbox.

Ready for others to benefit from your integrations and code? You’ll probably need OAuth 2.0, but building your first OAuth flow is about as fun as stepping on Legos. In this talk we’ll break down how to build an OAuth flow, then dissect an OAuth implementation done in a node.js CLI; a challenging use case that will make OAuth 2.0 feel more approachable than ever before.


OAuthTaylor KrusenAs a tech-enthusiast and Japanophile, Taylor Krusen is a Developer Evangelist for Dropbox. He typically spends his time coding, snowboarding, or teaching his little girl the art of mischief. Taylor’s passion for travel, collaboration, and learning have instilled in him a significant appreciation for diversity of thought.

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