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Change your bookmarks: npm has moved!

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It’s time to update your bookmarks: the npm forums have moved! The popular package manager is moving away from GitHub and npm has a new forum for bug reports and support.

It’s time to pack up some boxes and label them carefully – the npm community is moving! The popular package manager is transitioning away from GitHub to a brand new Discourse site. npm’s move is being branded as a way to ensure that there is just one single place for bug reports, no matter where they are found.

By switching to a centralized error reporting forum, npm’s teams have an easier time fixing problems. Plus,the switch is meant to encourage community support and engagement so users can help each other.

Additionally, the nature of a Discourse forum makes it even easier to diagnose issues and see what kind of problems users are facing.

As part of this move, the npm GitHub repos are being archived. They’re not going anywhere – users can still search the existing issues – but there won’t be any further discussions or add-ons. The issue should be copied over to a new post on for further developments and discussions.

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What else is being archived? A lot, actually.  While npm/npm, npm/registry, and npm/www are going to be archived, npm/docs is going to become private and will be reorganized.

All of these repos are being closed as of July 12th or 13th, 2018. Requests for help should be directed to the support category on, along with any further issues, comments, and diagnostic questions. Obviously, bugs and errors should be reported to the bugs category.  Feature requests go to the ideas community and new RFCs should go to the npm/rfcs repo.

Pull requests and releases are now a part of the brands new npm/cli repo.

The docs live on in a completely new section of the Discourse community, except for  “Using npm”, “CLI commands” and “Configuring npm” sections which have been moved on to npm/cli.

The new npm forums can be found at

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