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How will npm Enterprise impact the community of enterprise developers?

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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npm, Inc. announced the availability of npm Enterprise, a managed deployment of the npm registry. How will this solution impact the community of enterprise developers? Let’s have a closer look.

Just a few days ago, npm announced the availability of a new solution that enables enterprises and large organizations to work with its software registry – npm Enterprise.

“npm Enterprise provides the perfect balance between managerial insight and developer happiness. It provides the tools necessary to modernize JavaScript development within an organization while keeping enterprise developers happy and efficient.”

Bryan Bogensberger, CEO of npm

If you haven’t heard the news yet, we’ve got you covered. Let’s have a closer look at what npm Enterprise actually is and what it brings to the table for enterprises and developers.

What is npm Enterprise?

Starting with the basics, npm Enterprise is a managed deployment of the npm registry designed with enterprise-grade security, compliance and access control and its main features featured in this offering include:

  • Dedicated single-tenant hosting in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Support for industry-standard SSO authentication
  • Role-based access control for managing access and publication of modules
  • Sharing of private packages between and across teams
  • Customizable workflows for code collaboration and seamless CI/CD system integration
  • Notification of known vulnerabilities through “npm audit”

But how can you use these features and what do they bring to the community?

First of all, as one of the central authorities on JavaScript security, npm through its Enterprise offering provides means to find and fix JavaScript security vulnerabilities before they make it to production, with nothing to set up or install. What’s more, npm Enterprise provides unlimited namespaces that let teams share and manage code while single sign-on makes sure only the right people have access to the enterprise’s system.

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From enterprise developers’ perspective, this solution can effectively deal with issues related to sharing code. Instead of sharing code via email or an artifact store, which can limit the ability to reuse and scale, npm Enterprise enables the publication and sharing of public packages via a cloud-deployed registry.

This new npm offering can definitely be a game-changer on the enterprise level since it is focused on providing a high-level of administrative capabilities, however, it is unclear what kind of impact this offering will have on how developers work, with the exception of the ability to use a cloud-deployed registry.

Instead of speculating on the matter, we invite you to give us your insight on the matter in the poll below.

How is npm Enterprise going to impact your day to day workflow, in case the organisation you work for adopts the solution?

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Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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