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Novell Two-Part Sale Hits Difficulties

Jessica Thornsby

Is Novell struggling to sell Part Two of its two-part business?

According to Reuters, Novell has run into difficulties selling the non-Linux portions of the company. The report cites sources who claim private equity firms have so far been unwilling to pay the price Novell is requesting for its NetWare and identity management units. Although the report claims Novell is faring better when it comes to selling its Linux operating system unit, the company is “unwilling to part with its best performing unit SUSE Linux alone and be left with a shell of legacy assets.”

Private equity firm Platinum Equity had previously been involved in the auction, but has now dropped out, according to the report. Platinum had also submitted a preliminary expression of interest.

Current candidates to buy the non-Linux portion of the company, are cited as Gores Group and Attachmate.



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