Nominations For Eclipse Committer Candidates Revealed


Voting for the 2010 Eclipse Board opens on February 2nd. Voting closes on the 12th March.

This year, the Committer Candidates are Ed Merks, President of Macro Modeling; Engineering Manager at Eclipse Ecosystem Development, Doug Schaefer; Senior Software Engineer and Evangelist, Chris Aniszczyk; Senior Software Developer at IBM, Boris Bokowski; and Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Director of Engineering at New Relic.

The number of elected representatives is decided in ratio to the total number of Strategic Members. This year, there will be three elected Committer member representatives. Elected board members will hold the post for one year, commencing on April 1st. Individual committers must first join the Eclipse Foundation as Committer Members before they can vote. Committers can do this by signing the Membership Agreement, accessible at the Eclipse Foundation website. All committers who are employees of a single company, will have their votes collapsed into a single vote in the committer elections.

Committer Candidate Ed Merks has posted a blog detailing his fellow candidates’ commitments to Eclipse projects, from the eighteen commits, nine project leads and numerous other commitments made by Aniszczyk, to the single commit made by Freeman-Benson. The full commit statistics for all the nominated Committer Candidates, can be viewed at Merks’ blog.

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