BI for the iPad and iPhone

Jaspersoft BI 4.2 Released

Version 4.2 of the Jaspersoft BI software, has been released. Jaspersoft 4.2 adds support for iPad and iPhone, through a Jaspersoft iOS SDK that includes REST-based web services and a sample iPhone app, and enables the production of native BI applications for iPad and iPhone. Ad Hoc reporting and analysis filters have also been introduced. Jaspersoft have posted a video, showing version 4.2 running from both a sample iPhone application and an iPad browser. The video also shows the sample application navigating the repository, and viewing and interacting with reports:

Test Test

Testing Submission 123478

Sebastian Meyen lässt sich auf der W-JAX 2010 in München von Dr. Michael Amann erklären, was es mit dem frei verfügbaren Tool app.test auf sich hat – samt Live-Demonstration!

Live at JAXconf 2011

JAXconf: Brian Sletten – The Webs of Data

The steady adoption of REST brought with it architectural properties that made the Web of Documents successful, by freeing documents from their filesystems. Now, the same thing is happening to Webs of Data. Brian Sletten speaks at JAXconf 2011 about the benefits and challenges of the semantic Web.

JAX Conf

Ken Sipe: Gradle Live at JAXconf

Ken Sipe, CTO at Gradleware, speaks live at JAXconf about the Jenkins-Gradle Hackathon and the innovation Gradle brings to the Java Ecosystem.

JAX London 2011

Introducing Cloud Foundry

VMware have announced a new open Platform-as-a-Service project, ‘Cloud Foundry.’ At JAX London, CTO of SpringSource Adrian Colyer took the opportunity to speak more about this platform – which was just announced the night before – during his JAX London 2011 keynote. In this interview, moderator of the Spring track at JAX London 2011, Eberhard Wolff, speaks to Adrian Colyer, to find out more about Cloud Foundry.