JAX London Session

Understanding the Disruptor – Trisha Gee & Mike Barker at JAX London 2011

Developed at LMAX to help build the world’s fastest financial exchange, the Disruptor is new open-source concurrency framework, designed as a high performance mechanism for inter-thread messaging. Using the Disruptor as an example, this talk will explain of some of the more detailed and less understood areas of concurrency, such as memory barriers and cache coherency. These concepts are often regarded as scary complex magic only accessible by wizards like Doug Lea and Cliff Click. The talk will try and demystify them and show that concurrency can be understood by us mere mortal programmers

JAX London Session

Open Source PaaS – Paul Fremantle at JAX London

Cloud Platforms or PaaS are the next wave of middleware: people are looking at finding complete platforms that can scale from a single instance to running complete enterprise apps as a service. Paul Fremantle describes what a PaaS is, look at the PaaS offerings available and then dig deep into an Apache-based Open Source PaaS, looking at installation, multi-tenancy, scaling, coding, and more.

JAX London Session

Public vs Private Cloud – A Convenient Fiction – Sam Newman at JAX London

Much FUD has been spread by traditional infrastructure vendors regarding the ‘public’ nature of many IAAS providers. The reality is that the world does not fit cleanly into these two descriptions. When understanding what offering is right, there are significantly more important distinctions to draw than terms used by marketing departments.

IInterview from the World Premiere of Google Dart at GOTO

Gilad Bracha on Google Dart

Google’s Gilad Bracha gives an overview on the company’s new programming language – Dart.