Interview with Michael Vitz

Java 14 – “NullPointerExceptions are a significant improvement”

Java 14 was released last week, so we spoke to Michael Vitz about the latest features. Read the interview to find out why he thinks JEP 358 is a significant improvement—but does not bring Java closer to Kotlin. He also shared his thoughts on the shorter release cycle and named a feature he would like to see in Java 15.

The latest Gradle features

Gradle 6.3 adds support for Java 14 & more

Gradle 6.3 has been released. The open source build automation system now offers support for the latest language version Java 14, which we welcomed last week. But that’s not all—Gradle 6.3 also adds new features such as improved error messages, fixes 33 bugs and has breaking changes on board.

Looking for the helpers

COVID-19 vs open source: How developers are fighting the virus

Programmers are in a unique position where not only can they typically work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can help lend a hand. Help fight COVID-19 and donate your computing power, help create a community app, and keep on social distancing!

See what’s new in Git

Git 2.26 sets protocol v2 as default and updates git sparse-checkout

The version control system Git has received its latest update. Git 2.26 sets v2 of the network fetch protocol as default and continues working on git sparse-checkout that was introduced in the previous version, which was released two months ago. Let’s see what has changed for this command and what else is new.

New minor version has arrived

Julia 1.4 adds new language features and library updates

The latest minor version of Julia, v1.4, has landed. The open source high-level dynamic programming language is used for tasks such as machine learning and statistics, and now it has received several new features. Let’s see what language changes, build system changes and new library functions Julia 1.4 has on board.

Dynamic child pipelines and more

GitLab 12.9 improves code quality reports and secrets storage

The newest monthly update for the complete DevOps platform is here with new features for paid and free users alike. GitLab 12.9 includes Code Quality Reports and a new security method that allows users to leverage HashiCorp Vault to securely manage secrets and keys.

Visual Studio Code updates its Java support

Java on VS Code now comes with Syntax Mode and SonarLint support

The monthly update for Java on Visual Studio Code has arrived, and it has some new features on board. Microsoft’s source code editor now includes Syntax Mode for Java, and the extension SonarLint has been added as well. An unhelpful warning, on the other hand, has been removed. Let’s see what all is new.

Atlas has a Python SDK, CLI & more on board

Deep learning platform Atlas is now open source

The deep learning company Dessa has open sourced Atlas, a deep learning platform. Though currently still in beta mode, it is designed to make running, evaluating and deploying deep learning projects easier. It works on macOS, Linux and Windows, and offers TensorBoard integration. Let’s take a closer look.