The pulse of Java

Java health check-up: Has popularity waned?

The six-month Java release cycle has gained a lot of critics and caused some controversy. Will it affect the popularity of Java though? We look at some surveys to see if Java’s popularity has changed.

On the road to Kotlin 1.2

Kotlin 1.2.50 is a sight for sore eyes

Kotlin 1.2.50, the newest bugfix and tooling update for Kotlin 1.2 brings a lot of goodies, including updated Kotlin support in the Eclipse IDE plugin, improved experimental scripting support, Runnable Kotlin scratch files in IntelliJ IDEA and more. Let’s take a look at what’s in this update.

You know the drill

On the road to Angular v7: 6.1.0 beta.1 is here

We’re still excited about the recent Angular v6 release but the show must go on. The current release focuses on the toolchain and on making it easier to move quickly with Angular in the future so we’re excited to see what Angular v7’s “theme” will be. But until then, let’s focus on what we do know – the beta season for 6.1.0 has begun.

Know your options

If you like Vue.js, you will feel right at home with Vue Native

If you want to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and Vue.js, you might want to give Vue Native a try. Created by GeekyAnts, Vue Native is meant to make things easier for you; it is designed to connect React Native and Vue.js.

It's playtime for Go enthusiasts

Meet Fo, an experimental superset for Go


Playtime never ends in the Go world; there’s something new you can play with every day! This time, it’s an experimental superset for Go. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Fo!

Interview with Sebastian Schreck & Thomas Uebel

Breaking down silo walls: “DevOps is not an engineering discipline”

How can Devs, Ops, and management all work together on one shared goal? What role does management have in the implementation of DevOps? We interviewed Sebastian Schreck and Thomas Uebel from Mister Spex about how to implement DevOps in the workplace and how to break down silo walls.

Streamline Java apps integration with NoSQL

Eclipse JNoSQL: One API to many NoSQL databases

Looking for an Eclipse framework to bring your Java apps into NoSQL databases? In this article, Otávio Gonçalves de Santana explores why Eclipse JNoSQL is such a good tool for integration with its one API, many databases approach.