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Divided we stand: Optional

After counter-ranting about NULL, Lukas Eder wants to look at another “special value” that might change everything for Java 8: Optional. Functional programmers love it, so its worth digging around to find out whether or not you should follow suit.

New release

Released: NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta

NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta has been released. With a strong focus on brand new Node.js application development tools, the new release brings a range of new features for developers using JavaScript, HTML, Java, PHP, and C/C++.


GitHub digs into language trends

Since GitHub launched in 2008, an assortment of languages have held pole position as most popular on the Git repository hosting service. Using the Linguist library to populate their list, excluding forks, the service serves up some interesting statistics.

JDK 8u60 release

Java 8u60 update available

A small but important update for Java 8 has shipped with a new version of the Advanced Management Console and changes in Deployment Rule Sets v1.2. There’s also some documentation updates thanks to Nashorn enhancements.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 34/15: Optional, Valhalla, Docker Toolbox

This week’s Java news by Thorben Janssen stars Project Valhalla, improvements to the Docker Toolbox and using the new Java 8 Date and Time API with Hibernate. All this and more when checking out the week’s hottest Java links.

Interview with Johannes Link

Crowdfunding for JUnit Lambda is underway

With JUnit’s crowdfunding campaign gaining traction, we’re all for further development of the popular unit testing tool. Johannes Link reveals in this JAXenter interview where the problems currently lie with JUnit and how these might be addressed in a possible JUnit 5.0.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 33/15: Mission Control, Unsafe solution, CQRS

This week’s Java news by Thorben Janssen features the Java Mission Control tool, a solution to the Unsafe class drama and the first early draft release of the JSON-P 1.1 expert group. All this and more when checking out the week’s hottest Java links.

Results from the Java Deathmatch

4 out of 5 Java developers failed to solve this question

Takipi’s Java Deathmatch proved to be challenging and fun. Alex Zhitnitsky has collected the stats from over 20,000 participating developers and shares a selection of the results. One question in particular got the better of the majority of participants.