Benchmark test

Follow-up: How fast are the Java 8 Streams?

It’s a Superman vs. Batman battle. If we pit sequential streams against regular for-loops, which one comes out faster? After some careful benchmark tests, Angelika Langer shows us which is fastest, and why must be careful to make judgements.

Java's planned obsolescence

Even if Oracle is losing interest in Java, should you worry?

Hearing proclamations of the death of Java is everyday business for this 20-year old giant in IT. But with the recent evangelist layoffs, rumours of Oracle’s neglect and a subdued JavaOne conference, it feels like something has changed. But should Java developers care, asks Jason Whaley.

Function with care

Beware of Functional Programming in Java!

Lukas Eder loves functional programming, but he also wants you to function with care. Here he takes a look at higher order functions and how their equivalent methods in Java can lead to a lot of debugging through memory leaks and other alarming issues.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 46/15: JMH, Circuit Breaker, Hibernate Tips

Another dose of Thorben Janssen’s Java news presents some Java 9 code tools, implementing a retry mechanism with Java EE and a handful of reasons to migrate from Java EE 5 to 7. All this and more with the hottest Java links for the week.

Fire and brimstone

Will there be Module Hell?

You’ve already been acquainted with JAR hell, but what about the horror that may be unleashed by Project Jigsaw in Java 9? Nicolai Parlog takes a look at the possibility of Module Hell, with version conflicts and complex class loading the likely victims.