The week in Java

Java Weekly 31/15: HTTP/2 in Java 9, JMS 2, DevoxxUK

HTTP/2 and JMS 2 are in the headlines for Thorben Janssen’s Java news this week, as well as a tutorial for using JCache and CDI. Read on to see what’s hot right now and check out the week’s hottest Java links.

Does this look like 9000 rubies?

JRuby 9000 has landed and its the biggest yet

The newest version of JRuby, codename 9000, is accompanied by Ruby 2.2 compatibility, a new runtime, native operations for much of IO as well as some versioning changes to boot – the result of a lot of work, time and commits by 104 contributors.

Based on 64,562 GitHub libraries!

The Top 100 Scala Libraries in 2015

First it was Java libraries, now Alex Zhitnitsky gets his paws into researching the top Scala libraries from 64,562 dependencies – quite the mammoth task! Read on to reap the rewards of this impressive Scala research.

Controversy brewing

Java 9 without sun.misc.Unsafe: a disaster?

A sore-point has emerged in the upcoming plans for Java 9, namely the projected absence of the private API used by almost every tool, infrastructure software and high performance library built using Java.

NetCAT program

NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing

Kicking off an exciting new range of posts on the NetBeans IDE, Oracle’s Community Manager for NetBeans introduces their Community Acceptance Testing program, looking for volunteers to help stabilise NetBeans 8.1.