Puzzle time!

5 weird Java questions that’ll make your head spin

Like testing yourself? Alex Zhitnitsky has a great set of Java puzzles to baffle even the most die-hard Java coders. Explore the more unusual side of Java with this quiz, but be warned: They’re not meant to be used in real-life Java applications!

Riding high

New TIOBE algorithm sees Java still on top

The TIOBE Index has gone ahead and fixed its algorithm to make sure its results are more accurate, which has been a bugbear for many in the past. Java-heads will be happy to see that despite the improvement, Java still reigns supreme. Long live Java!

The week in Java

Java Weekly 40/15: JMH and CDI, MVC, Microservice truths

This week’s Java news with Thorben Janssen features some good tips and tricks about microservices, native CDI qualifiers and second early draft release of the MVC specification. Architects also rate a mention along with the week’s hottest Java links.

Get with the Ratpack

Ratpack 1.0: Easier asynchronous programming for the JVM

It took a while, but it’s finally launched – the JVM toolkit Ratpack, which aims to facilitate asynchronous programming on the JVM, has reached a milestone with version 1.0 and is stable and ready for production use. Little has changed since the first RC.