Interview with Massimo Ferrari, Management Strategy Director at Red Hat

Automation is the arm capable of doing actions but you also need eyes and a brain — like in the human body

Massimo Ferrari, Management Strategy Director at Red Hat believes that automation is one of the most powerful technologies in IT. Should we embrace automation or should we fight it? What are its advantages, disadvantages and misconceptions? Is automation alone enough to steer the digital transformation journey in the right direction? Let’s find out!

Interview with Matthew Skelton

DevOps: “Collaboration comes with a cost”

Instead of a very simplistic approach, we need to look for collaboration and interaction patterns that work in different contexts. Collaboration comes with a cost but it produces very good results. However, sometimes it’s better to deliberately introduce a kind of boundary between teams. JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser talked to Matthew Skelton at DevOpsCon 2016 about the need for collaboration and what goes into good team structures.

Interview with Peter Hunn and Houman Shadab, founders of

Introducing the Accord Project: “The future of law will be revolutionized by legaltech”

We’ve been so focused on the benefits blockchain has on the finance sector that we’ve forgotten about the legal industry. Enter the Accord Project, the world’s first consortium for smart legal contracts. It’s worth your attention because it seems to be the place where legal and tech come together. We invited Peter Hunn and Houman Shadab, founders of to tell us more about the Accord Project and the aim of this initiative.

Interview with Yurii Rashkovskii, maintainer at

Making a blind “default” choice of a database will shape the application

Today, we’re taking a second look at a new database on the scene, PumpkinDB. Although this new event sourcing database engine is just getting started, we’re fascinated by what we can see so far. We talked to Yurii Rashkovskii, maintainer at about this new project, its benefits and challenges and databases in general.

Interview with Lars Vogel, founder and CEO at vogella

“Eclipse Photon likely to focus on usability and performance”

Eclipse Oxygen is here but even though this milestone has been successfully reached, the development continues — next in line is Eclipse Photon. We talked to Lars Vogel, founder and CEO at vogella about his favorite Eclipse Oxygen features, its successor Eclipse Photon and the future of the classic development environments.

Interview with Mickael Istria, ‎Eclipse developer at the ‎Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse Oxygen, its successor and the future of the “classic IDE”

Eclipse Oxygen was released yesterday so that’s that. Is it too early to turn our attention to Eclipse Photon, the next Simultaneous Release? We talked to Mickael Istria, ‎Eclipse developer at the ‎Eclipse Foundation about the projects he spent his efforts on in Eclipse Oxygen, what’s coming to Photon, the projects that fascinate him and the future of the “classic IDE”.

Interview with Emily Lannon, Director of Workplace at SoundCloud

An insight into the corporate culture at SoundCloud

“Culture is not something you can force top down on people, it’s something that needs to come up from people themselves.” We spoke to Emily Lannon, the Director of Workplace at SoundCloud, about DevOps, how to meet employees’ needs, and how to build an amazing and diverse workplace culture.

Interview with Marko Berkovic & Matthias Wiesen of GitHub

“At GitHub, we collaborate far more than just between Devs and Ops”

“We actually believe that to collaborate, you don’t need to come from the same actual culture and background and heritage, but you just need to have the same vision.” JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to GitHub’s Marko Berkovic and Matthias Wiesen at DevOpsCon 2016 about how to create a company culture, the challenges involved in enforcing it, and some tips on how to make remote teams work.

Interview with John Willis of Docker

John Willis discusses the human factor of DevOps

High-performing organizations seem to have one common pattern: they put a high value on human capital. JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser talked to John Willis, Director of Ecosystem Development at Docker, Inc about how to turn human capital into high performance organizational capital.