Interview with Donald Smith, Senior Director, Product Management for Java at Oracle

Java 12: “Switch Expressions gives developers a chance to clean up some of the massive switch statements & convoluted if-then-else blocks”

In light of the Java 12 release, we caught up with Donald Smith, Senior Director, Product Management for Java at Oracle to talk about the latest version, how the new release cadence has affected the workflow for the Java team, the new feature that he is most excited about, and more!

Interview with Roger Poon, creator of the JS++ programming language

JavaScript typing done right: Is JS++ the better TypeScript?

Roger Poon started JS++ eight years ago with a deep understanding of corner cases that he doesn’t believe the TypeScript team can rival. This is why Roger believes JS++ is the better option whether you need to write a simple library or if you need backwards compatibility with a large, complex, legacy enterprise codebase. Let’s have a closer look at it!

Interview with Kunal Agarwal and Nick Jewell

Looking to leverage Big Data in 2019? Top tips from the experts

Many organisations have diverted to new trends and technologies in order to aid faster decision-making amid a rapidly transforming business environment, and one area in which this is particularly palpable is Big Data. With this in mind, we’ve spoken to two industry experts to get the skinny on why leveraging Big Data should be the main priority for businesses of all sizes in the next twelve months, as well as how best to implement a strategy that incorporates the concept in 2019 and beyond.

Interview with Mark Little, VP of Engineering and JBoss Middleware CTO at Red Hat

“Minecraft has opened up Java to a range of people who probably don’t even realise the skills they have acquired through it”

Microsoft, which owns Mojang, the company that makes Minecraft, recently released two parts of Minecraft’s code in library form. So what does Minecraft have to do with the Java community? For starters, Java-based Minecraft has spawned a new generation of Java developers. We talked to Mark Little, VP of Engineering and JBoss Middleware CTO at Red Hat about how this helps to shine a positive light on the Java language.

Interview with Banjot Chanana, VP of product at Docker

“We’ll see an increase in enterprises taking advantage of containers in a multi-cloud architecture”

Containers provide real, tangible benefits to development and IT teams but even though one cannot ignore their growing popularity, now that we’re just one year away from 451 Research’s prediction that containers will be a $2.7 billion market by 2020 we need to ask ourselves: what’s next for containers? Banjot Chanana, VP of product at Docker believes that “in the next year, we’ll see an increase in enterprises taking advantage of containers in a multi-cloud architecture to ensure they receive the right business benefits each cloud can offer.”

Interview with Charles Beadnall, CTO of GoDaddy

“With so many large organizations sponsoring AdoptOpenJDK, it makes them a leading option for LTS builds right now”

GoDaddy recently announced its support of AdoptOpenJDK. As part of this sponsorship, GoDaddy will become AdoptOpenJDK’s key technology provider, delivering in-kind hosting and infrastructure services. The company will also move its products to OpenJDK. We talked to Charles Beadnall, CTO of GoDaddy about their decision and the immediate benefits.

Interview with Erez Berkner, CEO & co-founder of Lumigo

“The technology stack of the future will be composed of containers, serverless & SaaS services”

The serverless trend is nowhere near its fading point. On the contrary, it seems that 2019 could be its breakthrough year, according to Erez Berkner, CEO & co-founder of Lumigo. In this interview, we discuss the role serverless plays in the creation of the ecosystem of the future, its current state and whether it will spell the death of containers.

Interview with Tracy Miranda, Director of Open Source Community for CloudBees

“In the history of the Jenkins project, we’ve had 8 vulnerabilities reported with co-ordinated disclosure deadlines – all in the second half of 2018.”

The past year has been a marathon for open source projects with multiple vulnerabilities being discovered. We caught up with Tracy Miranda to discuss security from Jenkins perspective in 2018 and how they plan to apply what they learned from these in the new year

Interview with Ricardo J. Méndez, Technical Director at Samsung NEXT

“Decentralization is about freedom, flexibility, and choice. Blockchain is just one more tool”

Decentralization is about freedom, flexibility, and choice and blockchain is just one more tool; one that can help in decentralized contexts, but a tool is always less important than the goal. We caught up with Ricardo J. Méndez, Technical Director at Samsung NEXT to discuss the importance of decentralization, his blockchain predictions for 2019 and the decentralized technologies that are gaining ground right now.

Interview with Steve Poole, developer advocate at IBM

“There will always be a separation between Dev and Ops”

While DevOps is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, we are taking a step back and looking at its evolution so far and what awaits it in the future. JAXenter editor Dominik Mohilo talked to IBM’s developer advocate and JAX DevOps speaker Steve Poole about the current state of DevOps, its future, and its biggest obstacles.

Interview with Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger

“2019 will be a continued reiteration of how people are using blockchain”

Hyperledger Global Forum is behind us but now’s the perfect time for an overview of the most important announcements, plans, and takeaways. In this interview, we speak with Brian Behlendorf about what the future holds for blockchain, how certifications are changing the enterprise and the goals of Hyperledger in 2019.