Interview with Piyush Sharma

“Dev, Ops, and security need to work together to address risk”

It’s common for deployment speed to come before security in code, however this can lead to vulnerabilities and even cybersecurity attacks. We spoke with Piyush Sharma about how infrastructure as code (IaC) can help protect the supply chain and why development, operations, and security all need to align their priorities.

Interview with Paul Farrington, CPO at Glasswall

“File-based threats should not be underestimated”

We spoke with Paul Farrington, CPO at Glasswall about Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology, how it is used, and how it helps against file-based threats. Paul gives his advice regarding security measures, file-based threats, and how developers can best achieve top-notch security practices.

Interview with Aviad Mizrachi, CTO of Frontegg

“Plug-and-play user management allows companies to focus on their innovative tech”

Aviad Mizrachi, the co-founder and CTO of Frontegg, spoke with JAXenter about users changing expectations from modern applications and the challenges that developers face when bringing a product to market. He described Frontegg’s approach to unlocking innovation with its user management infrastructure and the efforts the company has taken to ensure a stellar Developer Experience. Aviad provided some tips for developers and users to prevent hacks and leaks, and offered some advice on finding the middle ground between simplicity and robustness.

Interview with Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate

“API integration allows organizations to streamline operations”

We spoke with Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate, about the capabilities of no-code solutions and how they help empower non-technical business users. Borya Shakhnovich discusses some tips and things to consider when developing APIs and how airSlate overcame challenges during API development.

Promoting safer practices

Safer Internet Day 2022: A view from the experts

Safer Internet Day, held annually on 8th February, promotes safer practices and better safeguarding on the internet, covering a broad range of areas such as cyberbullying, cybercrime, and digital identity. Tech leaders at Pluralsight, Venari, Cradlepoint and Grayce weigh in on what businesses need to consider when it comes to online safety.

Predictions from Patrick McFadin, Amanda Brock, Donnie Berkholz, & Frank Reno

2022 Outlook – Open source, OpenTelemetry, & emerging tech

What does 2022 hold for open source and OpenTelemetry? Which cutting-edge technologies should you be paying attention to in 2022? We asked the experts about their predictions for the coming year. Stay ahead of the curve and learn how to plan strategically in the new year.

Predictions from Patrick McFadin, Amanda Brock, Donnie Berkholz, & Frank Reno

2022 Outlook – Developer Experience, automation, & data

What does 2022 hold for developer experience, automation, and data? We asked the experts about their new year predictions for the upcoming year. How will developer experience develop, how will automation develop, what should developers automate, and what will be important in 2022?