Open source mapping

Geospatial starts with geometry

How can open source mapping improve location technologies? In this article, Jody Garnett goes over a cornerstone of the open source geospatial toolkit, JTS 1.15. The JTS topology suite brings spatial data types, spatial relationships, and spatial operations for processing geometries to the Eclipse Foundation.

Philosophy 101

Why software ethics matter

Software is impacting every area of our lives and will be even more omnipresent in the future. In this article, Boris Baldassari explores how we can be more ethical about it all.

Framework free!

e4 on JavaFX

What is e4 and why is it different on JavaFX? In this article, Tom Schindl explains how you can develop applications and write 100% framework-free business components with e4 on JavaFX.

Embracing JUnit 5 with Eclipse

JUnit 5 is out the door as the next generation test framework! In this article, Noopur Gupta explains some useful tips and examples to help you work with it.

Containers for Eclipse

Eclipse microservices and service discovery

Discover service discovery, an essential part of microservice architecture becomes necessary when we start using containers and container orchestration mechanisms. In this article, Urban Malc and Matjaz B. Juric describe the most important scenarios for service discovery, as well as service discovery support in the KumuluzEE microservice framework.

A quick introduction

Eclipse MicroProfile Config – what is it?

MicroProfile Config is a solution to externalize configuration from microservices. Why even bother with configuration? In this article, Emily Jiang of IBM explains why you shouldn’t skip this crucial step and how you can use it.

Brightest star in the sky

UX power in Eclipse Sirius 5.0

Based on a viewpoint approach, Eclipse Sirius is the easiest way to create your own modeling tool. In this article, Cédric Brun explains how Sirius 5.0.0 version brings a significant number of new features to create impressive graphical modeling tools for Eclipse.

How to conditionally skip test steps!

What’s new in Eclipse Jubula Oxygen

The latest version of Eclipse Jubula lets you write more complex tests using conditions and loops, and lets you conditionally skip test steps. In this article, Alexandra Schladebeck walks us through some of Jubula’s newest features.