Interview with Peter Lie

“Antifragile is a mindset, based on Agile values”

Peter Lie spills the beans about the principle of antifragility and how to use disorders as an advantage. He also recommends disassembling hidden agendas which will otherwise block the two big values in DevOps: openness and transparency.

Interview with David M. Brear

Fintech is “banking’s cooler cousin”

Recently, we talked with David Brear about the seemingly inevitable clash between FinTech and the banking industry, his best guess at the industry’s next step, and what exactly happens if banks don’t change with the times.

Interview with Abbas Haider Ali, CTO at xMatters

How *not* to do DevOps: 50% of companies wait for Ops to declare a major incident before responding

When going down the DevOps road, automation through any means possible is critical. If it can be automated through tools, code, or robots, that’s the path a driven DevOps team will take. However, automation is not the only pillar of DevOps. We talked to Abbas Haider Ali, CTO at xMatters about a recent DevOps maturity survey the company carried out alongside Atlassian.

Construction site safety — not enabled by default

Gradle 3.5 focuses all of its attention on build cache

The star of the new Gradle release is indubitably the new build cache. Although the team has worked hard to make sure that many built-in tasks are cacheable, it is not recommended to use this feature in production without fully understanding its current limitations. Therefore, it is not enabled by default.

Why is Twitter building APIs for developers?

Twitter API platform has developers’ back

Twitter has decided to unify their API platform to “make it easier for developers to build new applications that can smoothly scale as they grow.” Why is Twitter building APIs for developers? Let’s find out.

It compiles Kotlin directly to machine code

Kotlin/Native first tech preview: No need for a virtual machine

The first Technology Preview of Kotlin/Native is here. Making arbitrary Kotlin/JVM programs runnable on Kotlin/Native or Kotlin/JS is *not* what JetBrains aims to achieve, though — making Kotlin usable throughout a modern application is.

July is just around the corner — And you know what happens then

Keeping up with Java EE 8

Things are starting to move fast in the Java EE 8 universe. We checked in to see what happened in the past month, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything important. The big news is the final release version for JSF 2.3 but that’s not all that happened in March!