A week of Docker news

Docker readies its containers for enterprise application

Containers in the enterprise was the big topic at this year’s DockerCon Europe in Barcelona. Shortly after Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced its new Docker-centred solution portfolio, Docker has announced a new on-premise offering, Docker Universal Control Plane.

Java's planned obsolescence

Even if Oracle is losing interest in Java, should you worry?

Hearing proclamations of the death of Java is everyday business for this 20-year old giant in IT. But with the recent evangelist layoffs, rumours of Oracle’s neglect and a subdued JavaOne conference, it feels like something has changed. But should Java developers care, asks Jason Whaley.

General knowledge vs. expertise

How much technology does a software architect need to understand?

Is a good software architect like an octopus, forcing its tentacles into everyone’s code? How can the architect be an authority in all technologies used by a system? We discuss the age-old problem of broad vs. focused knowledge with three veteran software architects.

Debunking common vendor security claims

Myths and realities behind security analytics

Security software vendors tend to exaggerate the potential of their tools – to put it mildy. Using real-world attack examples, Niara’s Karthik Krishnan explains why so many enterprise systems are being breached and what cyber security technology is really capable of.