Enhancing Kubernetes solutions

New for Kubernetes: Extend cloud-based applications with Kyma

The Kubernetes tools just don’t stop coming. Kyma is a flexible open source project donated by SAP that uses a set of cloud-native components and services for extending Kubernetes. It contains an application connector and service catalog for helping you and your team solve challenges.

Will this be the last one?

On the road to Angular v8: Release candidate number 5 is here

The next (or last?) release candidate for Angular v8, rc.5 is out and that can only mean one thing – the final release may be around the corner! This release only brings a few bug fixes for core and bazel as well as a couple of new features. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Supporting open source software

Fund open source developers with GitHub Sponsors

Want to help support a developer? Say thanks to an open source developer with the new feature from GitHub: GitHub Sponsors. Currently in limited beta phase, this feature allows users to financially support a developer via a recurring monthly subscription. As an added bonus, GitHub is matching donations 100%.