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New Social Micropayment Platform Enters Open Beta and JAM Circle Kanban Application Platform 0.9.0 is Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, upcoming features of Google’s Gmail Web service to be rendered in HTML5 and JavaFX Eclipse plugin version 1.3.4 gets Organise Imports feature.

New Release for JAM Circle Kanban Application Platform

JAM Circle version 0.9.0 is now available.

JAM Circle is a Kanban Application Platform, which allows users to connect XMPP service and send card data to one another. This release introduces support for Trac Board and the board template extension plugin, allowing users to share their board with other team members. JAM Circle 0.9.0 also supports category on p2 repository.

JAM Circle is an open source project.

Get Flattering, With New Social Micropayment Platform

The Flattr social micropayment platform is now in open beta.

Flattr users pay a self-defined monthly fee and, at the end of each month, the money is divided amongst all the things the user has “flattered.” Clicking the “flatter” button does not increase the monthly fee, only the number of people who receive payment. In order to have a flatter button on your webpage, you must also have an active Flattr account.

In addition to launching the open beta, the Flattr team have introduced Facebook integration, a Facebook app, Twitter integration and a new JavaScript API.

Google Gmail To Get HTML5 Features

According to a report by IDG News, staff software engineer Adam de Boor has revealed that many up-and-coming features of Google’s Gmail Web service will be rendered in HTML5.

He stated that using HTML5 could speed the loading and execution time of Gmail. The team also plan to migrate from Google Gears to HTML5 standards, for storing email for offline reading.

JavaFX Eclipse Plugin Gets Organise Imports

JavaFX Eclipse plugin version 1.3.4 is out now.

The plugin works within Eclipse to develop and deploy JavaFX applications. Version 1.3.4 comes with a new Organise Imports feature, and fixes a broken user Library in the build path.

New MongoDB Library for Ruby

Mongomatic is a new MongoDB library for Ruby.

Mongomatic follows Mongo idioms wherever possible and avoids relationship management and dependencies.

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