Java-FX meets OpenJDK

New project proposal – JFX


Oracle show support for project to contribute JavaFX to Open JDK

Richard Blair at Oracle has proposed a new project that would bring JavaFX over to OpenJDK. JavaFX2.0 was one of the more significant releases to come out of JavaONE, with many people showing new interest in the product after its 2.0 update.

Bringing it over to OpenJDK is not new idea in itself – which even Richard admits – but the difference it seems this time is that it is finally gaining some traction, and Oracle are ready to open source the code. Furthermore, according to Blair, Oracle not only want to liberate the code itself, but also bring the whole project over to an open development model, which should work quite well as it uses mercurial.

The hope is of course that this will drive support for JavaFX, and help the whole community as a whole to grow. What do we think about Oracle bringing more to the OpenJDK party?

See more about the project proposal here: