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New open-source PaaS Flynn gets crowdfunded

Elliot Bentley

Docker-powered, Heroku-inspired indie project gets green light after reaching $75,000 target.

A crowdfunding campaign for a new open-source PaaS, directly inspired by Heroku and powered by Docker, has reached 100% of its target.

Flynn is promised to include “painless” deployment using git push and, through its use of Docker, be lighter than VM-based PaaSes. In addition, its (mostly Go) code will be BSD licensed, with development taking place on a public GitHub repository.

Flynn is far from the first open source PaaS stack, but its creators are hoping that it can distinguish itself from OpenShift, Cloud Foundry et al with its modular structure.

The project is an extension of Dokku, which itself is described as a “mini-Heroku in less than 100 lines of Bash”. Following its release in June, creator Jeff Lindsay teamed up with security researcher Jonathan Rudenberg to produce a “Super Dokku”. They turned to crowdfunding, asking companies and individuals to sponsor the project’s development.

On the last day of fundraising, the pair’s crowdfunding campaign passed its funding target of $75,000 – although, this being a self-run campaign, it was not an all-or-nothing deal. At the time of going to press, it had raised $77,560 from over 50 donors.

“The amount raised so far will allow the core team to spend more time on the project for the rest of the year than we hoped,” the pair wrote on the Flynn blog. “This improves our chances of staying on schedule and implementing all the core features.”

An “MVP” is promised by October, with a production-ready version likely to emerge early 2014. You can follow Flynn’s development on its GitHub repository or the project blog.

Photo by Steve Gibson.

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