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New Open Source Atmosphere-Based Gaming Framework and Bug Fixes for SpringSource dm Server 2.0.3

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, bug fixes with HttpClient 4.0.2 and new release of Oracle Enhanced Adapter for ActiveRecord is tested against Rails 3.0.0.

New Atmosphere-Based Gaming Framework

A new, open source gaming framework based on Atmosphere has been released. It supports both the Comet and Websocket protocol. According to the project’s github, Atmosphere Gaming Framework will focus on providing a connection-aware JavaScript client, and a wrapping of Atmosphere with interfaces that will make “a lot of sense to game designers.”

The framework will feature auto-reconnection functionality, and will only report a disconnection if reconnection attempts fail, or if the reason for the disconnection is not a recoverable one. Following a disconnection, the server framework will buffer messages internally, with the aim of performing “catchup” seamlessly and automatically. Fallback protocol solutions will be used wherever possible, and all browsers will be supported provided they have Javascript support.

Bug Fixes With HttpClient 4.0.2

The HttpClient team have released a maintenance release for HttpClient.

The HttpClient component supports the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP,) and implements the client side of the HTTP standards and recommendations.

Version 4.0.2 fixes bugs concerning non-repeatable entity enclosing requests, and the IllegalStateException thrown by RouteSpecificPool. It also includes a work-around for HTTPCLIENT-948. According to the Release Notes, this is likely to be the last release from the 4.0.x branch.

SpringSource dm Server 2.0.3 Addresses “Severe” Windows Bug

SpringSource dm Server version 2.0.3 has just been released, with a bug fix that addresses a problem on Windows when the root logging level is configured to debug. This bug was originally reported and fixed in Virgo, and has been backported for existing customers as Virgo has not yet shipped its baseline release.

James Gosling Launches “Free Java” T-Shirt Campaign

James Gosling has unveiled a line of T-shirt designs, urging Oracle to “free” Java. He is also selling his designs printed on mugs, badges and magnets.

“If you’re attending JavaOne or OpenWorld, I’d appreciate it if you’d wear one, just to let Larry know that you care,” reads his blog.

Oracle Enhanced Adapter for ActiveRecord – Tested Against Rails 3.0.0

Raimonds Simanovskis has announced Oracle enhanced adapter for ActiveRecord version 1.3.1, which is tested and updated against the recently-released Rails 3.0.0.

This release adds Bundler for running adapter specs and improves the loading of adapter in Rails 3 using railtie. There are also a list of bug fixes, including a fix for custom context index procedure when indexing records with null values, and a fix for incorrect column SQL types when two models use the same table and AR query cache is enabled. There are also fixes for the latest ActiveRecord unit tests.

The Oracle adapter contains additional methods for working with new and legacy Oracle databases from Rails.

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