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New Milestone for Spring BlazeDS Integration 1.5.0 and Bug Fixes for Spring Security

Jessica Thornsby

Mojarra 2.0.3 is now feature complete with the JavaServer Faces 2.0 specification, and JFXtras 0.7 RC 2 closes all the bugs reported in JFXtras RC and and beta builds.

Spring BlazeDS Integration 1.5.0.M1 Released

Spring BlazeDS Integration 1.5.0.M1 is out now.

Spring BlazeDS Integration is a solution for building Spring-powered RIAs with Adobe Flex. This milestone explicitly supports the serialisation of Hibernate entities to AMF, and implements a Roo CLI command for installing Flex support.

Please note that with this release, the minimum dependencies have been upgraded to Spring 3, BlazeDS 4, and Spring Security 3.

Mojarra 2.0.3 Gets Feature Complete

Mojarra 2.0.3 is now available.

According to the Release Notes, this release should be considered feature complete with the JavaServer Faces 2.0 specification. Version 2.0.3 features new initialisation parameters, which are listed in the Release Notes.

JFXtras Brings Bug Count to Zero

JFXtras 0.7 RC 2 is out now.

This is a bug fix release, which closes all the reported bugs on the beta and RC builds, so far. A final release is currently scheduled for next weekend.

Write Localised Messages with CAL10N

Compiler Assisted Localisation (CAL10N) version 0.7.3 is now available for download.

CAL10N is a Java library for writing localised messages. This version fixes the maven-cal10n-plugin so that it works with Maven 3.0-beta1, and adds ch.qos.cal10n.util package to OSGi metadata headers in cal10n-api.

Bug Fixes for Spring Security

A bug fix release for Spring Security – 3.0.3 – has been released.

This release addresses issues with Google App Engine initialisation, and Spring Security 3.0.2 and Spring BlazeDS Integration.

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