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New Milestone for RAP 1.4 and Apache MyFaces Launch CODI

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Apple’s OpenJDK announcement calls time on JKoala.

Apache MyFaces Launch CODI

The Apache MyFaces team have announced the first release of Apache MyFaces Extensions CDI (MyFaces CODI.) MyFaces CODI provides portable CDI extensions for Java SE and Java EE. This first release contains a number of modules, including CODI JSF Module for 1.2 and 2.0; CODI JPA Module and CODI Scripting Module.

RAP 1.4M3 Reduces JavaScript Code

The third milestone of RAP 1.4 has been announced. This update focuses on optimising the JavaScript code delivered to the client browser. According to the announcement, the size of the code has been reduced by 8%, and RAP fans can now use jQuery in RAP apps. The next milestone is scheduled for December 17th, and will bring updates to the JFace and Workbench bundles.

Tika Toolkit’s Language Identification Gets Dynamic

Apache Tika version 0.8 has been released. Tika is a toolkit that uses existing parser libraries for detecting and extracting metadata and structureded text content. In this release, language identification is dynamically configurable thanks to a config file loaded from the classpath, and an approach for plumbing through XHTML attributes has been added. Parsing common scientific data formats and parsing Feeds by wrapping the underlying Rome library, are both now supported.

JKoala Discontinued Following Java on Mac Announcement

Following the announcement that Oracle and Apple have shaken hands on an OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X and Java SE 6 support for Mac OS X Lion, the JKoala project will be discontinued. JKoala aimed at porting AWT / Swing under Mac OS X / Cocoa.

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