Mylyn Becomes Eclipse Top-Level Project

New-Look Mylyn

Jessica Thornsby

The Mylyn project is promoted to an Eclipse top-level project, creating new sub-projects collaborating with Cloudsmith, Perforce and Rally Software.

Mylyn has been promoted to an Eclipse top-level project.

This promotion is related to the Mylyn Project Restructuring, which proposed the creation of sub-projects for Mylyn components, to address the growing adoption of Mylyn’s frameworks and to represent the IDE/ALM integration categories that were deemed the most crucial.

The Mylyn source code will be moved into these new sub-projects, which include a Tasks sub-project for providing task editing, task list management and offline synchronisation for application lifecycle management (ALM) servers. Tasks is described as the “central portion of the ALM integration framework used by Mylyn” in the Restructuring Proposal. The Build sub-project is a place for committers to collaborate on extending Mylyn’s build system APIs, and the Review sub-project provides Eclipse-based code review functionality.

“Mylyn’s rapid adoption by Agile and ALM vendors means that we now have to scale up both the integration frameworks and the governance,” said Mik Kersten, creator and leader of the Mylyn project and CEO of Tasktop Technologies, back in March.

Organisations leading and contributing to the new sub-projects include Cloudsmith for ‘Builds,’ Perforce for ‘SCM’ and Rally Software for ‘Tasks.’ It is hoped this new structure will enable interoperability across the application lifecycle, and encourage a wider range of Agile vendors getting involved in Mylyn.

Essentially, Mylyn provides integrated task management through its task-focused interface. As the Eclipse IDE has grown, Mylyn has extended to support programming domains such as the Spring Framework, PHP and C/C++.

At his blog, Mike Milinkovich describes the new, top-level Mylyn as a new “centre of gravity for the application lifecycle tooling projects at Eclipse.”

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