New Look For Eclipse Projects Gateway


Apparently, the Eclipse logo isn’t the only thing getting a makeover, Wayne Beaton has revealed that he is currently updating the Eclipse Projects Gateway page.

He makes his mission clear: “it seems to me that our user and adopter community should be able to use this page to find out more about the various projects at Eclipse.”

To achieve this, he has created a mini project browser at the bottom of his re-imagining of the Gateway page. As the user clicks on projects, a short summary appears. Beaton emphasises that this is a very early implementation of the browser, but his aim is for the summary to be more lightweight than the full project summary pages, allowing users to easily browse through Eclipse projects. The initial list, is of Eclipse top-level projects. However, he is unsure whether this current tree structure makes sense for newcomers to the Eclipse project and is calling for feedback on possible ways to help new users get to grips with Gateway.

He also describes his work-in-progress update as being “influenced by the Xtext-look.”

The work-in-progress is accessible, as is the current Eclipse Projects Gateway page.


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