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New GroovyFX Project Announced

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, TorqueBox Ruby application platform 1.1.1 released.

New GroovyFX Project Announced

Dean Iverson has posted about a new open source project, GroovyFX, which provides a Groovy binding for JavaFX version 2.0. GroovyFX is an API for working with JavaFX in Groovy, which leverages the Builder pattern for JavaFX apps and some of the DSL capabilities provided by Groovy. It also includes the tree structure language, supported through Groovy’s Builder framework, and support for using Groovy closures for event handling. According to the ‘Introducing GroovyFX’ article, GroovyFX currently has support for “virtually every JavaFX shape, control, and chart.” More information is available at the GroovyFX website.

The project is currently in Alpha 1.0 state.


Diver 0.4.0 Released

Version 0.4.0 of the Diver set of software analysis tools for Eclipse, has been released. This update allows developers to see the return message, if they focus on a specific method call, whereas previously, Diver did not display any return messages if they came from the root of the chart. Users can also run JUnit tests in trace mode, and view a static sequence diagram that is generated directly from source code. More information is available at the ‘What’s New in Diver 0.4.0’ page.


Bug Fixes for TorqueBox Ruby Application Platform

Version 1.1.1 of the TorqueBox Ruby application platform, has been released. TorqueBox mixes JRuby with the JBoss AS Java application server, to provide a platform for Ruby apps that includes support for Sinatra, Rails, and other Rack-based frameworks. Clustering and load-balancing are also included.

Version 1.1.1 is a bug fix release, which addresses an issue in JRuby 1.6.3, that could cause TorqueBox to crash when an application is deployed. The support for Rails 3.1 has also been improved.


Akka and Akka Modules 1.2 RC2 Released

The 1.2 RC2 release of Akka and Akka Modules, is now available.

The 1.2 release features a list of improvements, including upgrading to Camel 2.7.1, the addition of rolling event log to FSM, and migration to SBT 0.10. The channel API has also been cleaned up, and errors have been fixed in dispatcher and supervisor documentation, alongside an error that could occur upon returning the value from remote typed actor.

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