New Features for Eclipse Marketplace


The Eclipse web portal seems to be getting a serious overall at the moment. Eclipse have been running a competition to update their logo for a few weeks now, and yesterday reported that the Eclipse Projects Gateway page is now getting a re-design.

Today, Nathan has blogged about a few changes recently made to the Eclipse Marketplace. The first new feature, is a tagging interface that allows users to specify their own tags on any listing. This can be found on the listings page. Following the recent Eclipse Marketplace Client proposal, which will allow users to install plugins directly from their Eclipse installation, two new fields have been added to the Marketplace solutions listings. The ‘Installable Units’ feature allows developers to add a list of Installable Units for their product. The ‘Platforms’ field allows the developer to specify the platforms their products support. Once the Marketplace Client is implemented, this field will be able filter out listings that won’t install on your target platform. There is also a new field to provide a screenshot, and in the near future Eclipse will add a tab to to display these screenshots.


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