New Eclipse Logo Round 1 Results


The results of round one of the logo competition are now in!

2128 people voted on a ‘modernized’ logo for the Eclipse web portal – unfortunately, they have voted for two logos that are a little too far removed from the original Eclipse logo for Ian Skerrett’s liking.

“The existing Eclipse logo has a LOT of brand equity and recognition. We [I] just can’t give up on that and start with a brand new logo,” he writes at his blog. He is concerned existing Eclipse users won’t associate the new logo with the long-standing Eclipse open source community, although he does acknowledge that the two logos selected by the community are probably the ‘best’ of the bunch.

So, for the second round, the two logos that received the most votes in round one will be disqualified on the grounds of being a “completely new” Eclipse logo, not a re-thinking of the existing one. There will also be a new logo added to the voting, one which Skerrett identifies as the sort of re-designing he’d envisioned when he kicked off this project.

He apologises for the Round 1 confusion, but concludes “doing an open vote for a graphic design was a risky decision but I still think it is the right thing to do for Eclipse.”

Round 2 voting is expected to open later this week.

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