Kim Moir

New Eclipse Architecture Council Member

Jessica Thornsby

Kim Moir has blogged about her recent appointment to the Eclipse Architecture Council.

She has laid down some thoughts on the future of Eclipse, including a robust migration plan for the move from the existing Eclipse SCM system to a new one. She also plans to help strengthen the build infrastructure offered by the Eclipse Foundation and to move the Eclipse and Equinox project builds to the Eclipse Foundation. She has previously advised that Equinox should take advantage of the local access to the filesystem by running the build on the Hudson install, and that new test hardware is needed to rectify the problem of committers being unable to rerun tests on the same hardware that was used in the build.

“I also look forward to serving as a mentor to new projects and help them navigate the waters at Eclipse,” she writes.

The Eclipse Architecture Council’s mission is to identify and manage any issues that hinder Eclipse’s development.


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