Eclipse Integration

New Connectors For Tasktop

Jessica Thornsby

Tasktop have announced the availability of new connectors for ThoughtWorks Studios’ Cruise release managment and Twist test automation products.

The Cruise Connector allows Cruise developers to access and manage their continuous integration servers from within Eclipse.

Meanwhile, the Twist Connector is a bridge between the Twist test automation tool, the Eclipse IDE, the Mingle agile project management system, and the Cruise component.

Tasktop version 1.6.2 includes the connectors for ThoughtWorks Studios’ Mingle and Cruise, and is available now. Tasktop Po 1.6.2 is priced at $99 per user. Tasktop Enterprise edition is available at $199-per-user.

The Twist connector will be launched in Twist 2.0, which will be released on Wednesday.


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