New Agile-Friendly Leadership Structure for Mylyn


The Eclipse Foundation have announced a new set of initiatives to support the ongoing growth of the Eclipse Mylyn extended framework for integrating task and application lifecycle management tools with the Eclipse IDE.

These initiatives will include the creation of new Mylyn sub-project leaderships representing key Mylyn components. For example, there will now be a ‘Tasks’ project charged with integrating task and change management. The Tasks project will integrate with Agile, issue, bug and defect tracking servers. The ‘SCM’ project will integrate source code and configuration management tools and bi-directional linking to change management tools. There will also be a ‘Review’ project for collaborative code review, and an ‘Incubator’ project which will provide a place for experimentation. For a full list of proposed sub-projects, please see the Mylyn Project Restructuring Proposal.

All of these sub-projects will actively support parties interested in earning commit rights.

It is hoped this new leadership structure will enable interoperability across the application lifecycle, and ultimately result in a wider range of Agile vendors getting involved in Mylyn.

“The new Mylyn sub-projects will provide reference integrations to popular open source ALM tools such as Bugzilla for Tasks, Git for SCM and Hudson for Build,” said Mik Kersten, creator and leader of the Mylyn project and CEO of Tasktop Technologies.

All the Mylyn source code will be moved into the sub-projects. Binary compatibility with existing Mylyn 3.x releases will be retained under the restructuring.

The full Mylyn Project Restructuring Proposal is available to view at The Mylyn team are currently soliciting additional participation and input from the Eclipse community on the Restructuring Proposal.

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