New Advisory Board For Eclipse’s BIRT Project


After inviting several members of the Eclipse Foundation’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT) community to build up a BIRT Exchange community website last year, it has been decided to formalise this group and create the BIRT Exchange Community Advisory Council. The council will consist of nine active BIRT Exchange members and three Actuate members. They will be charged with offering advice and assistance to Actuate in maintaining and evolving the BIRT Exchange web site and community, which has over 26,000 registered members. They will also advise on possible recognition and rewards; potential infrastructure improvements and community site policies. The council will be provided with a private mailing list for the purpose of discussing community issues; and will host quarterly live “town hall” meetings to discuss issues surrounding BIRT Exchange and the BIRT community.

A draft Charter of the Community Advisory Council is now available at the BIRT Exchange wiki. The community is calling for feedback on this draft. The Charter will be finalised once the community has achieved full council membership. The initial Advisory Council members will be selected by Actuate based on BIRT Exchange contribution statistics and background. Future members will be selected with input and approval of the Advisory Council. Membership on the Advisory Council is for one year, and is renewable annually. Inactive members will be replaced after reasonable notice.

The post promises “exciting changes” in the BIRT Exchange community website over the next few weeks. These include a new forum system, mailing lists to encourage collaboration, blog aggregation and a new Community home page.

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