NetBeans binaries at Oregon State University!

Towards Building NetBeans From A New Home

Emilian Bold

The folks at Oregon State University Open Source Lab have been so kind as to provide us hosting for the binary dependencies.

Since forever NetBeans sources and dependencies have been available on the server. (Particularly because some wise Sun folks picked the great Mercurial version control system).

I’ve first started work in 2011 towards removing this single point of failure. Having a backup for the Sun (and later Oracle) infrastructure seemed healthy for an open-source project. The first step was having the Mercurial clones on

But now that NetBeans is moving to Apache this whole infrastructure must change.

First, we are migrating to Git!

A converted and always synced Git repository is available at . See this post about the Mercurial to Git conversion.

Of course, once the code donation is finished the Git repository will be under

Next, the folks at Oregon State University Open Source Lab have been so kind as to provide us hosting for the binary dependencies. They are now live at

So, how do you build a NetBeans with these new coordinates? Easy!

First, make a git clone or zip download from the GitHub repository

Then, edit nbbuild/default-properties.xml and replace the binaries.server property to be like this:

  <property name="binaries.server" value=""/>

Then, do a simple ant build.

You should see in the terminal ant downloading the dependencies from the new OSUOSL server:

[downloadbinaries] Creating /Users/apache/work/NEXTbeans/build-emibeans/apisupport.harness/external/jsearch-2.0_05.jar
[downloadbinaries] Downloading:

That’s it! A clean NetBeans build using only GitHub and OSUOSL.


Emilian Bold

Emilian Bold is a Java developer with a decade of experience in rich desktop applications, usually based on Swing and the NetBeans Platform. He has focused the past years on Javascript interoperability via Rhino and recently Nashorn. NetBeans Dream Team member. Apache committer ([email protected]). Available for work through his own company Joseki Bold SRL ( ).