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Take NetBeans IDE 8.1 RC 2 For A Spin!

Geertjan Wielenga
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We’re really excited about the upcoming NetBeans IDE 8.1 release. Your feedback is needed for the latest and last release candidate!

We’re really excited about the upcoming NetBeans IDE 8.1 release. As always, of course, it is free and open source. A whole bunch of features, especially in the shiny jazzy area of JavaScript, especially Node.js support for the first time, will be available in the ultra lightweight (assuming you’re not using the “All” distribution, but the one you actually need) NetBeans IDE 8.1.



However, we, that is, the NetBeans community, all over the world, need YOU, yes, YOU, the person that is right now reading these words, to try out the latest NetBeans IDE release candidate…

…and provide feedback, very specifically here:

A bunch of feedback is coming in via a variety of channels already, such as this really nice thread, read it to see a whole bunch of enthusiasm in one place:

Again, please download NetBeans IDE 8.1 RC 2, take it for a spin, do your great coding work with it, and then go to the survey above and tell the NetBeans Team what’s working for you and what’s still broken.

And what about ECMAScript 6? Indeed, everyone is asking about that and I agree that this is the biggest missing NetBeans feature at this stage. However, should the TypeScript support that has been open sourced by our amazing and surprising NetBeans partner Everlaw not be exactly what you’re looking for?

Yes/No? Comments at the end of this article are welcome, we are certainly working on ECMAScript, as we speak, as I type, though consider whether what Everlaw has provided, and continues to be working on, may not actually be what’s needed!


Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga is a product manager of the free and open source NetBeans IDE.