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Take early JDK 9 for a spin in NetBeans 9

Geertjan Wielenga
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Geertjan Wielenga calls on all adventurous developers for an amazing new quest: to try out the new build of Oracle’s NetBeans IDE, which comes with a preview of early JDK 9 and Project Jigsaw.

Here’s a super cool new development for the true adventurer, the wild side walker, and the most cutting edge of cutting edge Java developers.

Could this be you?

From June 24, there’s a brand new build of NetBeans IDE focused very specifically on giving you the tools you need for taking the early access build of JDK 9 for a spin. This development build of NetBeans IDE from its JDK 9 branch is a prototype prepared to support JDK9, namely its modular system (Project Jigsaw).

If you’re hoping to also get a taste of the new Java Shell functionality, unfortunately this is not available at the moment. The Read-Eval-Print Loop is an interactive tool to evaluate declarations, statements, and expressions of Java.

The NetBeans JDK9 build supports the following:

  • Java SE projects
  • JavaFX projects
  • NetBeans Ant project
  • Maven projects
  • Debugging
  • Profiling of JDK9 VM from NetBeans JDK9 build
  • All Editing features work
  • All other features unrelated to Java language like SCM work.

It’s also worth nothing that the NetBeans JDK9 build uses JDK 9 Javac. In current builds of javac, there are no limitations, except it compiles only java sources with -source option 1.6 and higher.

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Spread the word and get involved in the process. Once you have downloaded the early access JDK and early build of NetBeans IDE, register the former in the latter, which will expose the JDK to your Java SE projects:


As the NetBeans JDK9 branch build is in a very early stage of development and JDK9 itself has not reached its feature complete status, it’s possible that you will encounter instabilities or non-working features. Feedback is encouraged by using Bugzilla reports and the JDK_9 keyword to mark bugs found when using JDK9 build.

For all the details, including how to give feedback:

Geertjan Wielenga
Geertjan is product manager of NetBeans IDE and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He blogs at