JDK 9 Feedback Needed!

Putting the Pieces Together with Jigsaw and JDK 9

Geertjan Wielenga

Did you know? As announced during NetBeans Day Germany last week, the JDK team, in co-operation with the NetBeans team, has made early and experimental tooling available for getting started with JDK 9 and Jigsaw.

Go to and, on the Download page, you’ll see a special tab has been added for the NetBeans JDK 9 Branch, making it extremely simple for you to get hold of the tooling for JDK 9 and Jigsaw:


What is available so far, what can you do with the special build for JDK 9? Glad you asked! All the details are explained on the NetBeans Wiki:

The feature I find most impressive is the Graph View of the “” file, which provides a module dependency graph, as shown below:


Once everything has been set up, as described on the NetBeans Wiki above, your first step is to register JDK 9 in the Java Platform Manager, which is available under the Tools menu. The Java Platform Manager will then look as follows:


You can then assign JDK 9 to the Java SE projects you create and you can create “” files via the New File dialog, all explained in the NetBeans Wiki page above.

Other IDEs have comparable provisional support for JDK 9, though the combination of features as outlined above is unmatched.

In short, the JDK 9 team needs your feedback—no better and simpler way to do so than via the free and open source tools provided out of the box by the JDK 9 Branch of NetBeans IDE. Try it out, blog about it, tweet about it, share your views on JDK 9 and Jigsaw!


Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan is a product manager at Oracle, focused on developer tools and technologies, such as Java, NetBeans IDE, and Oracle JET.