Interview with NetBeans Dream Team members — Part 1

NetBeans Dream Team members react to NetBeans’ turn of fate

It looks like NetBeans is embarking on a new journey to an unexpected destination: Apache. It is leaving Oracle behind, in the hope that a change of scenery will help boost the number of contributions from various organizations. We talked to a few members of the NetBeans Dream Team about Oracle’s decision to donate NetBeans to the Apache Foundation and asked them if this move means that NetBeans will share the same fate as OpenOffice and Hudson.

Moving into a new home

Oracle no more — NetBeans is moving to Apache

Call it Apache NetBeans! NetBeans is moving to Apache, but it will continue to focus on the areas it has focused on while sponsored by Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Individual contributors from Oracle are likely to continue contributing to NetBeans, together with individual contributors from other organizations, as well as self-employed individual contributors.

The Ultimate IoT Mashup!

Beginner’s guide to the Raspberry Pi, GrovePi, and Java with Maven, Payara, and NetBeans IDE

I spent part of this summer writing a series of articles that should inspire anyone interested in working with Java and IoT. The series describes a mashup between a Payara Micro demo for the Raspberry Pi modified to present output from a Grove temperature sensor. Pretty basic stuff and I probably only added or modified 25 lines of code plus redid some POM.xml files.

Snip2Code & TagMyCode

Code sharing for NetBeans developers

Through the years, a recurring request by developers everywhere—not least among NetBeans users—is a facility for collaborative development. Here I want to share info on two platforms for snippet sharing and how neatly they integrate into NetBeans IDE.