Join NetBeans at Apache!

January 1st, 2018: End of Mailing Lists

If you’ve been following Oracle’s Apache NetBeans donation process, you’ll be aware that a large part of NetBeans is in Apache Git already. You should also be aware that mailing lists are available at Apache for purposes of discussing the development and usage of Apache NetBeans.

Yes, you can use JDK 9 with NetBeans!

Using Apache NetBeans (incubating) with JDK 9

With the release of JDK 9 and NetBeans in transition to Apache, should you wait or move to a different development environment? Because NetBeans IDE 8.2 does not support JDK 9, those wanting to use JDK 9 do need to make some choices.

Airport surface monitoring with ODS Open Platform and NetBeans Platform

NetBeans at Heathrow Airport

Harris has used its ODS Open Platform, based on the NetBeans Platform, to create the new “Airside Monitor”, a product deployed together with NATS at Heathrow airport.

The world's first evidence-oriented programming language.

Quorum 5 is Live

We are pleased to announce that the newest version of the Quorum Programming Language, version 5.0, is now live.