Comment: A Sigh of Relief For NetBeans?

In Oracle’s mammoth five hour long webcast broadcast on 27th January, Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Development Thomas Kurian, referred to NetBeans as a “lightweight IDE for Java Developers.” Should this illicit a sigh of relief from the NetBeans community, or should we all be vigilant for any indication that Oracle is still planning to sideline the popular IDE?

Oracle Webcast: What’s In Store For Java?

During a live webcast aired from Silicone Valley last night, Oracle’s Executive Vice President of Product Development Thomas Kurian laid down Oracle’s roadmap for Java, post-Sun.

Oracle’s overall strategy is to extend the Java Programming Model to emerging application development paradigms; optimising the platform for a variety of deployment architectures by integrating and simplifying the platform, and revitalising the Java Developer community with best of breed Java Technology. Oracle also aims to make the JCP a “more participatory community process.”

NetBeans 6.7

Finally it’s in the market: version 6.7 of NetBeans, the popular programming environment. The history of the latest release of NetBeans is quite eventful. After a change in the project’s management, far-reaching modifications regarding the release cycle were announced. The release number was pushed back from 7.0 to 6.7 and both the releases were said to follow one another closely. But as the personnel resources ran short, the schedule was not met. So, is the new release worth the wait? Does NetBeans live up to its credo, “The only IDE you need”? Let us look at these issues.