Comment: A Sigh of Relief For NetBeans?

In Oracle’s mammoth five hour long webcast broadcast on 27th January, Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Development Thomas Kurian, referred to NetBeans as a “lightweight IDE for Java Developers.” Should this illicit a sigh of relief from the NetBeans community, or should we all be vigilant for any indication that Oracle is still planning to sideline the popular IDE?

Oracle Webcast: What’s In Store For Java?

During a live webcast aired from Silicone Valley last night, Oracle’s Executive Vice President of Product Development Thomas Kurian laid down Oracle’s roadmap for Java, post-Sun.

Oracle’s overall strategy is to extend the Java Programming Model to emerging application development paradigms; optimising the platform for a variety of deployment architectures by integrating and simplifying the platform, and revitalising the Java Developer community with best of breed Java Technology. Oracle also aims to make the JCP a “more participatory community process.”