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NetBeans to add in native JQuery support through new JavaScript editor

Chris Mayer

We expected a new JavaScript editor, but we didn’t know what – now it seems jQuery will play a huge part in NetBeans 7.2

The wait for the latest instalment of comprehensive IDE, NetBeans 7.2 is almost upon us, with a June release scheduled. Much of the talk about that release has centred on the renovation of the JavaScript editor which has long needed a spruce-up.

On Friday, news surfaced on The H that the NetBeans team were going to integrate the cross-browser jQuery library as part of the IDE. This is big news, adding yet another arm to the immersive development environment, that already boasts Java, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++ in its offering for developers to create a variety of applications.

Source:Oracle/The H

With front-end languages becoming more important to Java developers by the day, jQuery is a natural fit for NetBeans – making it possible for developers to use code auto-completion for jQuery’s methods and arguments and naturally link up to other elements such as HTML and CSS.

Work is ongoing towards the new JavaScript editor but now that jQuery is here to stay, we need not worry about it being flawed. You can get a glimpse at a prototype version of the new editor here.

Now we just wait to see what the NetBeans can offer in other departments, you’d expect it to at least be on a par with this announcement.


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