NetBeans 6.9 M1


NetBeans have released a first milestone of NetBeans 6.9.

With this release, build infrastructure, NetBeans launchers and installers now require Java Development Kit (JDK) 6. This release also sees the Netigso project become an official part of NetBeans 6. Netigso plugs into NetBeans Runtime Container to provide a bridge between NetBeans module system and OSGi bundles. NetBeans 6.9 M1 introduces experimental support for the equinox implementation of OSGi specification.

In version 6.9 M1, Maven support is extended to support development of plain OSGi bundles. The ‘Maven’ project category in NetBeans 6.9 M1 New Project wizard features four new project archetypes: ‘Maven OSGi Bundle,’ ‘Maven NetBeans Module using OSGi,’ ‘Maven NetBeans Module’ and ‘Maven NetBeans Application.’ There is also an experimental method for converting NetBeans modules into OSGi bundles and running them in an unmodified OSGi container, without the need for a special startup procedure.

The slowness detector has been enhanced and used in Go To Type dialogs and Code Completion popup window. This detects when Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) thread is blocked for more than certain time, and starts self-sampling profiling.

NetBeans 6.9 M1 supports Bugzilla 3.4 and introduces rename refactoring for css code.

Full details are available at the NetBeans New And Noteworthy.


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